Massimo Lusardi met Hernan Romero after asking the guitarist to play a gig at his New York City restaurant.

On meeting, the two immediately hit it off talking about music 

- so much so that Hernan refused to play the set unless Massimo sat in on a few songs 

despite the restaurateur being a beginner and the two having just met.

Perhaps it was the raw nerves of Massimo’s first time with an audience bolstered by Hernan’s brotherly enthusiasm,

but what transpired that night was nothing short of a chemistry:

two musicians coming alive, and fused by the emotive language of guitar, 

a sharing of an unexpected common ground despite the difference in experience.

What started as a couple songs in the corner of the restaurant 

quickly developed into a musical brotherhood.

Gigs around New York, Los Angeles, Miami and Europe quickly followed 

as people became drawn to their tangible chemistry when performing live 

and their ability to produce a sound greater than the sum of two guitars.

Known as 'Gasoline Tequila’, the music act displays a unique style Massimo calls "Indie Flamenco Rock", 

tapping into the melodic rhythms of rock music

and fusing it with the nostalgia of flamenco guitar.

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